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Can't install / upload plugin

i have doing three ways to install a plugin (subscription and packet filter):

  1. One click install from availabel plugin

  2. Installing the downloaded Jar/War file (upload)

  3. Manual copy to plugin directory

but the result is still error. please help me.

thank very much for answer

What is you Openfire version? And what operating system?

i use openfire ver 3.8.1, and windows 7 with XAMPP. thank you for your help sir

What error do you get?

unable to upload plug in.

and when i try manual copy to plugin directroy there’s nothing happened, i try restart the open fire and the whole server, still nothing happened

Are you running Openfire with a service or just with a launcher? If you run it with a launcher, do you launch it with Run as administrator option? You should. As it would cause issues when running without Run as admin (even if you are an admin user). Maybe that’s the case.