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Can't install, User Mapping Problem

I am having trouble getting openfire going. I have company users in a OU called “Fluid User” and Administrator is in the default Users

Step 1 of 3 gives me a Success with Test settings. I have Base DN as: ou=Fluid User;dc=domain,dc=local. The Administrator DN is: cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=domain,dc=local. Tests out fine

Step 2 or 3 is the User Mapping which throws me the error. I have username Field as default: sAMAccountName, nothing else changed.

I have attached the openfire.xml

Hope you guys can help me out


The problem will be in your OU having a space in the name. You should not do this. As a rule OU naming structure should follow DOS naming, no spaces or non-standard characters. You will need to add an escaping character to the base DN where ther is a space or change the names of OUs to elimninate them (this is your best choice for future compliancy). Remember just because Microsoft Windows is dumb enough to let you do something does not make it correct. LDAP is a web service like HTTP and SNMP. You should not have spaces there either.

I tried changing the OU from Fluid User to Fluid, same problem. Any other input?

Try these changes. You should use the FQDN of the LDAP server. I am also not sure why your local was ending in a dot.





Thanks mtstravel =)