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Can't join open_chat@conference.igniterealtime.org

I am, once again, unable to join open_chat@conference.igniterealtime.org. Paul also reported problems with joining the MUC, which makes me wonder how many users are also affected by this. Can we please consider running a reliable Openfire installation on igniterealtime.org, potentially non-clustered, and setting up a dedicated staging installation?

Over the years, having igniterealtime running the bleeding edge openfire has been good to ‘guilt’ developers into fixing bugs we see on igniterealtime. These days, the only person that gets “guilted” is poor Guus, so thing may not be a good idea anymore. So I agree with you, but will defer to Guus on this.

I’m sorry for the trouble. We’re actually quite close to finishing a significant overhaul of the clustering implementation in Openfire. I’d very much like to run that here, when it’s ready (a staging environment that is not being used has little value), but before that time, I’m happy to run without clustering. We know it has problems, and at this stage, we’re not learning anything new from continuing to use it.