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Can't log into the admin account

I’ve tried to install OpenFire a few times. No luck. Here’s what I have.

  1. Ubuntu 8.04 server
  2. Java6
  3. OpenFire 3.6.4

I installed it with a MySQL back end. The DB gets created and everything seems fine. When I try to log into the admin account it says user name or password is wrong. What’s going on here?

One potential fix is adding this to your configuration:


Restarting the server can also work (assuming you have not tried that already)

I had the same issue, and this worked for me

I’m running Openfire 3.6.4 on Windows XP.

Sweet! This fixed it. I can log into the admin interface. I wonder why the setup tool doesn’t add that by default. anyway, it works, I’m happy.

yes, works. this bug seems to be an absolute blocker. how can anyone install at all?