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Can't log to the Admin Console with a custom database


I have a problem when I want to configure Openfire 3.4.4 with my custom database.

Indeed when my openfire.xml is set by default, I can log on to the admin console with the login admin and his password but when I configure the openfire.xml with the jdbcProvider and the jdbcUserProvider, I can’t log on to the admin console and I don’t understant why. I haven’t got no error on my errors.log and the JSP when I must log on doesn’t show me any warnings.

I let you my openfire.xml file.


P.S : I’m sorry if I have written some mistakes in my sentenses but I don’t speak English very well

after the </adminConsole> you need to add:




change username to a valid user.

Thanks for the reply but It doesn’t work when I put admin with this line command :




And there are no errors messages again.


So are users allowed to register themself or are you using LDAP? It looks as if you are trying to use an oracle database, is that correct? Are the users already in this database?

So, I don’t use a LDAP server, users can register themself and their data will be stored to the visitors table and I use an Oracle DataBase.

At this time, this table is empty. Do I have to add a row to this table or not if I want to log on to the admin console ?

In fact I try to connect to the admin console with the default username such as admin and his password that I use during the installation of openfire. Is it possible or not ?

Thank you for your help

You may want to try installing Openfire 3.4.5 as it has a native oracle db connection choice. It will make the configuration for you easier.

OK but the problem is that I must use a specific database.

I have :

  • a table administrators which contain the peoples who manage the database

  • a table agent which contain all the people which contain the agents.

  • a table visitors which contain the users who want to register to the database. They only able to speak with the agent

So when I’ll create the jabber client, a visitor must be able to log on such as an agent. A visitor can speak with only an agent and an agent can spek only with a visitor that’s all.

I’m doing a very special project for the european parliament.


Well I try to instal the lastest version of openfire but with this I can’t connect to the database.

However I use the same configuration for the connection.

These are the error.log

error.log (10084 Bytes)

I think you are well outside my scope to help you, as this is a very custom config. I am not entirely sure if it is even possible.

In fact the data concerning the user must come from one and only table ?

So if it’s that, tomorrow I’ll create a table which contain all the username, password, name, email of the tables agent and visitors.

Thanks a lot for your help even if it’s oustside of your scope ^^


So I create a table which contains all information about users but I can’t log again :/.

I modified a little my openfire.xml file so I let you again.

I also note that when I try to connect the admin console with the admin username and password, I have some Exception in my error.log so I let you too.

error.log (3813 Bytes)
openfire.xml (1911 Bytes)