Can't login to Admin console after change server name

Opefire v3.6.4 on Ubuntu Server

Active Directory integration

After that I change server name in Admin Console (and reboot) I am unable to login to Admin Console using AD login (it means I am unable to login to Admin Console at all). Trying to login I get:

Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.

I am in administrator’s group and my account is not locked for sure.


they are not referring to your AD credentials. They are referring to your openfire credentials.

Could you explain more ? What’ s the reason I can’t login ? No AD connection ?

I was able to login to AC before the change …


Now I cant also login to Spark (I didnt logout during last openfire restars). It seems that AD connection is somehow broken.


My point is that error is in reference to Openfire admins, not AD admins. It is saying you are not an admin in Openfire. My guess is you did something not quite right when changing the name and now you locked yourself out of the openfire admin web site. You will need to rerun the openfire config. To do this edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false while openfire is not running. Start openfire and and step through the config of the server again.

Did new setup - it helped.

The proper way in that case is to edit database values to set admin JID to your corresponding new JID.


login@oldDomain => login@newDomain

This is absurd(this is a bug) as the authentication realm does not change.


changing the server name is something which one should never do. Roster entries get invalid as there the JID (with server name) is stored. If there are also external JIDs in the rosters then they will get invalid.

So setting up a new Openfire server is much better than changing the server name.