Can't login to admin console after restart Openfire

3.4.3 install on WIndows using AD/LDAP. Everything (including the admin console) works fine until we restart Openfire. We have explicitly authorized admin users via configuration file: <authorizedUsernames>smithp,swiftb</authorizedUsernames>. The only work around is to stop Openfire, edit openfire.xml to force setup again. Fortunately, almost all the information is remember and it takes about 10 clicks or so to get back to a working install. The only field that does NOT seem to be remember is the Domain setting. A secondary question is why isn’t the domain setting remember? I even added an explicit xmpp.domain property to the settings but that didn’t help it being remembered on the setup screens. Is there something we are missing? I think we had the same problem on an earlier 3.4.1 install.

Hi Bob,

I did not review the latest changes, so I can simply guess that you have an “& amp ;” or a not escaped “&” in your openfire.xml file after setup did complete. If you restart Openfire you should see errors in the log files that there’s a problem and Openfire may run again the configuration.


PS: JM-1193 or JM-1101 may cause the problem you see.

Yes, my LDAP config had a few extra “amp;” in the xml as in [JM-1193|]. Edited manually and rebooted without going through setup. All looks good now. I guess any editing of the LDAP settings will cause the problem again and we will have to go through the same procedure to repair. I really appreciate the help on this as it certainly was a real pain! .