Cant login to admin console: HTTP ERROR 500

Hey guys,

i’ve upgradet openfire to version 4.0.2 but im always getting this error:

And in the error.log only this error:

I have no idea, whats wrong. I followed this manual:

Openfire: Upgrade Guide

If you are using Ubuntu/Debian, you need to update Java to 8 version. Or downgrade back to 4.0.1.

It appears that you have libraries from several versions of Openfire in your lib directory. Could you check the timestamps of the jar files in that directory? They should be equal.

If they are not:

  1. shut down Openfire
  2. make a backup
  3. remove all files from the lib folder
  4. extract all lib files from the latest distribution of Openfire, and place those in the lib folder
  5. start Openfire

Ive got SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64) patchlevel 3

You still need Java 8 for 4.0.2 (i was just guessing you might be using Debian). But you should also check Guus’s advice. When you do upgrade, you should stop the Openfire service. Otherwise some libraries are not updated and then you may end up with a mishmash of different versions of files.

There were two files called:

plugin-search.jar.pack and plugin-search-jspc.jar.pack

In the new version were there files called:

plugin-search.jar plugin-search-jspc.jar search-lib.jar

I replaced them, but no solution :I

Ups. I think that was the wrong lib folder, sorry. Ill try again

Those pack files should have been unpacked automatically during the upgrade. So something went wrong during your update process. As Guus said, you should check timestamps of the files, not just names. Or just stop Openfire and run the update process again.

Can you please tell whats the right tar command for unpack the new version on the old openfire directory ??

tar -xvzf openfire___*.tar.gz

maybe… i haven’t done this in years. This is a command i have in my “updating notes”, when i was running Openfire on Linux.

Make sure that you check the openfire/lib/ folder first. You appear to be looking at openfire/plugins/ which I don’t think is the source of your problems.

Okay here is what ive done so far:

Step 1: download the new openfire and moved it to /opt/.

Step 2: Stopped the openfire process and unpacked the openfire.tar.gz in /opt/.

sudo tar -xvzf openfire_4_0_2.tar.gz

Step 3: Copy the conf directory from the backup to the installation directory.

sudo cp -rv /backup/openfire/conf/ /opt/openfire/

Step 4: Copy the embedded-db directory from the backup to the installation directory.

sudo cp -rv /backup/openfire/embedded-db/ /opt/openfire/

Step 5: Copy the plugins directory from the backup to the installation directory except for plugins/admin.

sudo cp -rv /backup/openfire/ressources/security/ /opt/openfire/ressources/

When ill try to log in, there error comes. The next thin ive done is:

  • Stopping the running openfire process

  • Backup openfire

  • removed all the file in /opt/openfire/lib/

  • copyed all the files in /openfire_4_0_2/lib/ to /opt/openfire/lib/

  • Started the openfire process

  • The “ERROR 500” comes again …

How exactly are you starting it? Are you sure that you are starting Openfire from /opt/openfire?

yea, starting it from /opt/openfire/bin/ sudo ./openfire start

Can you start a completely fresh Openfire version this way? Without copying any file from backup. Are you able to reach the setup screen?

Jea, when im starting a completly new openfire version, im able to raech the setup.

Well, I’m out of ideas. You can try with the fresh copy and copy from backup one at a time and every time check how it starts and maybe this way you will find what part of your backup is causing this.

okay ill did what you wrote. Everthing works fine, till i copyed the plugin directory. When i just copying the /embedded-db/ + /conf/ + /ressources/security/ i can enter the web interface.

Do you have custom plugins? If not, then you can just install them later via Admin Console. Maybe one of the plugins is causing that (maybe its version is not supported by 4.0.2 or something). You can try the same approach and find which plugin is causing that.

Thanks for your help Wroot! Ive got no custom plugins. I even cant remember that ive installed any plugins