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Can't login to OpenFire Admin, only Applications Manager

Am I missing something? I followed the installation procedure exactly. But I can’t find where to access the OpenFire Admin Page. Going to my address on port 9090 just takes me to the Applications Manager login. And I can’t find anything about OpenFire in there.

You’re probably no longer reading this forum, since your request was made more than a year ago, but I’ll answer it to help anyone else who may have this problem.

Your machine already has some other application (probably AdventNet Applications Manager) using port 9090, and since this will be hard to change, you need to make Openfire administration use some other port. Here’s how you do it:

  • With Openfire not running, go to where it is on disk (on a Windows system, this is probably C:\Program Files\Openfire; I’m not sure where it is on Unix systems), find the subdirectory named conf, and load the file named openfire.xml into your favorite text editor.

  • Find the line that says 9090 and change the 9090 to something else, such as 19090.

  • Save the file and start Openfire.

  • Now point your web browser at your new port (e.g., and you should see the Openfire login page. Use this port for Openfire administration from now on.

Hope this helps.