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Can't login to openfire after password change in AD


Everytime a user’s Active Directory password expire and he changes it, he can’t login into openfire with any client.

He can’t even login with old password, not only with new one.

Please provide any suggestions to resolve this issue.


Openfire server 3.6.3, win.

This should not happen. I have been running Openfire bound to AD for years. Our passwords are forced to cahnge every few months. We have never had a sigle issue.

Is there a way to debug this somehow? I’m interested why could this possibly happend.

The only time I’ve ever had something vaguely similar was when the “save password” and “auto login” boxes in Spark were checked. It would cause odd behaviour even after typing in the new password. I think what I did was simply uncheck both boxes, restart Spark and then log in with new password after restart.


Perhaps there is a problem with a cache. I have seen settings for the cache and how long they are set before they expire. Possbily these settings are wrong and passwords are being authenticated against cached passwords?

I am experinecing the same thing. And now that I’ve changed the Administrator Password I am not able to login to the Admin Console. We are running Openfire Server 3.6.3 on Small Business Server 2008 with 2008 AD. Is this a new issue with the 2008 version of AD?

Thanks for any and all help!

We are having the same problem with some of our users. When they change their AD password, they cannot log in with either the new or old password.