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Can't receive packets

Hi all,

We are implementing an instant messaging system for a senior course at university. To accomplish some functionality we have to process packets (especially messages) throug the system. I have downloaded the source code of openfire 3.4.3, installed openfire 3.4.3. I changed the source code of the Presence plugin to see what happens. I’ve added these few lines to the beginning of processPacket method :





catch(Exception e)



I’ve built the plugin successfully with the build script, and the plugin is loaded to openfire very well. But only one line of string is printed to standar output, which is component.<servername>. I login with several programs (including spark),I send messages, but nothing happens.

I need very urgent help.


Note : The interesting thing I’ve just noticed is that presence plugin is functioning, I mean I can see if a user is logged in from the web interface of the plugin.