Can't reduce chat window size?

Is there a way to reduce the chat window size with a command?

Here is the situaiton:

  • Spark is our IM client at the workplace

  • I logged in remotely to my office Network using a 27" iMac with a resolution of 2600 x 1600 or something like that

  • While using Spark to chat, I maximized the window

  • When I was done, I logged off of Spark and disconnected from the network

  • When I went into the office the following day, I opened up a Spark chat window, and the window was maximized to the 2600x1600 resolution

  • As a result, I can’t see anything that i’m typing, being typed to me. I can’t manually change the size of the window as the taskbar is not visible, nor are the icons to minimize the screen

  • The other issue is that the 27" iMac is not a computer I have access to during the week, and as a result, I can’t login in to resize the screen! Any help?

I tried to get our IT staff to reset my spark, however that didn’t do anything!

Any help would be appreciated as i’m stuck!


Nevermind, I found the answer!

Thanks anyway!