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Can''t Register Asterisk through Asterisk-IM

Dear Andrew,

I upgraded Jive to the latest version. But till now i cant register in Asterisk through Asterisk-im. Should i have to add the extension and sip info manually? or there is something in the DB i’‘ve missed? I’'m using embedded DB.

Did everything work properly in Beta 2?

There isn’'t a great migration path between the Beta releases because a lot of things are changing to quickly. I would recommend dropping the phone* tables between upgrades. This is pain to do with the embedded database. I will try to have a utility to do this for you by Beta 4. You can track progress on this by viewing the issue PHONE-28.

On another note. It is much easier to use a external database while testing Asterisk-IM. I recommend PostgreSQL .

I’'m adding extensions to Asterisk Manager through AMP. When i use an extension that is connected to a hardphone, my client can capture a call.

But when i add a new extension and connect the client through it, then i can’'t capture a call. Also, i trace the XML Consol and I found that i capture a packet, but there is no message telling incoming call.

All i have done are the following (Im using a JBother client):

  1. I add a phone event listener in the ConnectorThread file after i connect and login.

  2. I add two extensionProviders (phone-event, phone-action) also to ConnectorThread.

  3. when I want to call a peer, i create an object from the PhoneClient class and use the current connection to dialby either an extension or a JID.

Note: the Asterisk-im is connected to the Asterisk Manager.

did I miss anything?

I am not sure of the inner workings of JBother, I know it is based on Smack. You may want to make sure you are using the newest version of JBother and Smack. Someone else had a simliar problem with JBother and had to build JBother from CVS. We have tested Beta 3 of the client API using Jive Live Assistant. You may want to talk to wrcgator, I know he was also trying to write JBother integration.

Code for the client should look something like this:

  1. Make sure that the smack providers are registering correctly. The smack.providers for asterisk-im contains the following:


  1. Add code like this:

XMPPConnection conn = …acquired from somewhere…

PhoneClient client = new PhoneClient(conn);

client.addEventListener(new BasePhoneEventListener() {

public void handleRing(RingEvent event) {

log.info("receiving a call from " + event.getCallerID());


public void handleDialed(DialedEvent event) {

log.info("You have dialed "+event.getCallerID());


public void handleHangUp(HangUpEvent event) {

log.info(“The phone has been hung up”);




Dear Andrew,

I’'ve done this. As i post before my JM is connected to Asterisk Manager.

But still have a problem as follows:

  1. I add an extension and map my username to it.

  2. When i log on with my username, i go to Asterisk CLI and execute sip show peers command and i found this line:

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Mask Port Status

777/777 (Unspecified)[/b] D N 5060 Unmonitored

While when i log on throw Xlite and use the extension 777 it gives my IP address instead of (Unspecified)[/b].

Also, when i dialby extension or JID from my client i cant capture anything, while when i dial using Xlite i capture the packet.

This is the problem what i have!!!

Should i have to write code other than you post before i make a dialbyextension or JID that register my IP in the Asterisk? or What should i have to do?

thanks alot for your corporation.