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Can't save openfire configuration


i’m a student,and i’m working about openfire.i must do a instant messaging for my university.i’ve install openfire and a spark client.it’s work good,but when i stop openfire and restart my pc,i can’t directly access to the “openfire admin login” .i’m obliged to set all setup configuration.but when finish the installation,i find my last configuration.how did i can to go directly in the “openfire admin login”??

NB:sorry for the english

if you are accessing it from the same computer that hosts openfire then the site is http://localhost:9090, otherwise substitue the real dns name or IP of the machine instead of localhost.


are you using Linux (RedHat)?

Which package did you use to install Openfire?

Which user is running Openfire and can this user write conf/openfire.xml?



i use already http://localhost:9090/ to connect with openfire web interface.it’s work,but when i finish installation and make some modifications in the server(web administration interface) and save them,i found these modifications in my next connection to openfire.my problem is that,i can’t directly access to the web administration interface(openfire login):i’m obliged to do again the openfire setup process.do you see?

thank’s for your answer


i’m using debian,and i’ve install the “package.deb” who is in this web site.is there not any user who can write openfire.xml

thank’s for your answer


run “ps -ef|grep java” and identify there the username who is running Openfire. Could be “jive”, if this is the case then run as root in the right directory “chmod u+w openfire.xml && chown jive openfire.xml”.