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Can''t save profile changes

I have installed Spark 1.0.1 on a Windows XP computer, and I am connecting to a Jive Messenger server. When I got to Edit My Profile and save changes, nothing is saved. The next time I open the profile, it’'s blank again. Anyone else have this problem?

Nope, mine keeps the changes. Just happens on that one computer, or all of them?

Haven’‘t tried it on another one yet. I’'ll do that now and let you know the outcome.

Nope. Tried it on another computer with the same results; the profile info isn’'t saved.

Never mind, I’‘m an idiot. I though that the profile information would be visible in the box after you make the changes. It’'s working.

Could it have something to do with non-english characters?

If I save my profile with Swedish characters (å, ä or ö) the profile will be erased, but not if I omit these characters!

Hope it helps,