Can't transfer files


I am running Openfire 4.7.1, build d7dfd04. It is working fine.
But sending a file between 2 android mobiles keeps giving me “failed to send the selected file. Host unreachable”
Port 7777 is open (TCP & UDP). “HTTP File Upload” plugin installed.

I see some treads but no answer. Is there a total overview to what to do?


Do you use SSL then you need to enable 7443 port. @mfonhof

Tnx for the responce. I opened the port and things changed but not solved. Now it is something about java security cert etc.
Can you set me on the right track please?

Did you configured the SSL certificate authorized by CA or you are using Self-signed certificate ?

Can you try using Let’s encrypt once which is free if you don’t want to wait or get it from the domain provider?


I am using self signed cert. This is not good?

No I don’t believe it can verify for conversation application, you can try either non SSL connection or if you wanted to use SSL use provided by CA or let’s encrypt.

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