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Can't update Avatar/Buddy Icon

Changing my Jabber/XMPP buddy icon doesn’t seem to propagate to registered accounts on the gateway - what gives? I’ve tried 32x32 jpeg’s down to 1117 bytes in size, but AIM/ICQ (possible others) users still see the “old” icon sat by a “real” AIM/ICQ client.

Using OpenFire 3.4.2 / IM Gateway 1.2.1a.

Just FYI - client is Pidgin 2.3.1-1.fc8 - not sure the client is to blame though!

Take a look at the release notes. Uploading icons aren’t supported for AIM/ICQ in 1.2.1a.


(basically I had them working, and then “all of a sudden” they stopped, and I haven’t been able to determine why yet)

Also see: GATE-398

D’oh - missed that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the next release of the IM Gateway plugin!