Cant update usernames

Hi !

I have a Little Problem with the shown usernames. All Users are generated and administrated over the Admin User Interface of openfire. When I Update the shown Name of a User then spark will Not change the the Name.

When I try to Install spark in a New Computer then ist Shows the Updated username. On the Otter Old Installationsanweisungen he will always Show the Old Name…

I tried to uninstall a sparkclient, delete the sparkfolder in the Program path, deleted also the sparkfolder in %appdata% and then i Reboot the Computer. After that i reinstalled the sparkclient at this Computer and he Shows the Old username Again…

Where has he saved this Information ???

I have this Problem on Windows XP an Windows 7 Computer with all spark versions.

Any ideas ?



Can you explain better where exactly do you see the old name (maybe attach a screenshot)?

Explain better… There are two names - the Logon Name and the Name which other Users can see.

The “shown” Name is the Name which other User can see.

For example. Someone has married. The Logon Name is i.e. Mike and the shown Name was Mike Smith. The New shown Name is Mike Mangini. The Most User obly See Mike Smith instead of Mike Mangini. There’s nö Way to Update the Name List.

A restart of the Server will Not help because New installed spark Clients Show the New Name.

There Must be a file On the local Computer Where the Names are stored.

Was this explaination Helpful :slight_smile: ?

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P.S. The Wrong words are from the ipads autocorrection… :slight_smile:

You users are manually adding users to their rosters? Then the name of the added contact won’t change, it will stay as you have added it in your client. That’s just how it works. And this information is stored on the server. You can go to a user’s roster (which is showing the old name) Admin Console > Users/Groups > pick a user, click on him > Roster. You can try changing the nickname there and it will show that changed nickname for that user. Well, this is not an option with lots of users, but i can’t suggest anything else for the current setup. I suggest using shared groups. Then such information should update automatically.