Can't upgrade nor re-run setup process

Hello everyone. I started this by wanting to use LDAP (Directory Server) to be able to use avatars. There I notice a new version was available so I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.0.1. The problem is I stoped openfire, upgraded, restarted and nothing changed.

I edited conf/openfire.xml and set <setup>true</setup> to <setup>false</setup> to be able to re-run the setuop process and use LDAP and also nothing. I even removed openfire from the server (using Debian 7), confirmed that admin console was offline, reinstalled and still nothing (admin console says version 4 and still no luck with LDAP). It looks like I had two openfire versions installed and all the changes I make are being applied to the version offline, although I know this can't be because I can't have two versions in the same server, am I right?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t exactly know what the cause of your problem is. When Openfire is started, you could use the ‘ps’ command that’s available in most Linux distributions to figure out exactly what software is running. The arguments that you need to supplyy to ‘ps’ vary a little from system to system, but there are plenty of tutorials available online.

On my system, for example, I get this:

$ ps ax | grep openfire
29398 pts/5    Sl+    0:03 /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/bin/java -server -DopenfireHome=/home/guus/github/Openfire/target/openfire -Dopenfire.lib.dir=/home/guus/github/Openfire/target/openfire/lib -classpath /home/guus/github/Openfire/target/openfire/lib/startup.jar -jar /home/guus/github/Openfire/target/openfire/lib/startup.jar

That tells me that Openfire is running from /home/guus/github/Openfire/target/openfire/ (which makes sense, as it’s my development environment).

To re-run the setup from Openfire, remove true from openfire.conf, and restart Openfire (make sure you backup everything first!)