Can''t view SSL admin pages

Whew. Seems like I have lots of questions today :-/.

When I was using Messenger 2.0.1 I tried to set up SSL, but couldn’'t get it working and I decided to leave it until 2.1.0 came out. Now I have 2.1.0 installed, and it seems to work fine EXCEPT when I click on the “SSL Settings” link on the left-hand side, I get a blank page. This happens with FireFox on Linux and Windows, and with IE on Windows.

If I use the view source menu pick, I see that the contents of the page are:

It’‘s like the first half the page is missing somehow! Anyone else seeing this? I wonder if it’'s due to my previous attempts to configure SSL…

Sorry for the formatting; something about adding those HTML tags caused it to be jumbled together.


It’'s possible something might have gotten messed up with your 2.0 install that is affecting 2.1? Do you have any errors in the error log?

In any case, I would recommend:

  • Stop the server.

  • Delete the resources/security directory from your install.

  • Copy a new resources/security from the distribution into your install.

  • Start the server.

Let me know if that helps.



There are no messages in the log about this. I installed the new version alongside the old version, in a different directory (I’'m on Linux and I used the binary release tarball, not the RPM), so the content of resources/security has not been changed at all.

I do notice that in my system properties I still have the full pathname to the old keystore file in my xmpp.socket.ssl.keystore property; that is probably the problem right there. Of course, I can’‘t edit my system properties from the admin console… I’'ll need to find an IE instance I guess


You can always delete the propery directly in the database as well (if using an external database).