Capture and Send Screen


I’ve just started looking at Spark and like what I see so far. One question though, The “Capture and send aything you see on your screen” option would be very helpful to my organization. I’ve tested this in the Windows version and it seems to work quite well with one exception. It only allows you to capture from the primary monitor.

Is this by design or is something not working correctly on my system.

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This is the only ticket close enough to this issue i can find SPARK-717. But the patch file is lost and it was for a rather old Spark version and i think it was about doing a screenshot of both screens at once.


Thanks for the rply. I’ve looked over the information on the ticket you replied with. It appears that there was at one point a patch for this issue but that the patch has not been maintained in newer versions.

Any thoughts on how to see about getting an updated patch?



Well, you would have to contact who is not active for a long time, so probably won’t answer. Or wait for someone else to propose a patch.