Carbons (XEP-0280) is not sending copy to the sender user


I am trying to implement carbons feature on my xmpp client, which consist in a chat for a web app, and a chat for a mobile app.

I want allow users to send messages from either web app or mobile app, but also update messages in the oposite device: When a user sends a message from web app, the other (mobile app) should receive it too, and vice versa.

I am enabling carbons in those clients in the following way:

<iq xmlns=“jabber:client”




<iq xmlns=“jabber:client”
** type=“result”**

** id=“enable1”**

** to=""**

** />**

<message to=""


test carbons1

As you can see, in bold is the openfire server’s stanza response, which indicates that carbons has been enabled in this client. But then, when I send a message stanza (the next following the openfire response) i don’t receive a carbon copy of the message that the client sends. Also the other client, even when carbons is enabled, doesn’t receive a carbon copy.

Should i set something in the openfire admin console? What i am missing here? Could someone help me? Thanks in advance.

It seems like you did everything right. The only possible error is that your message doesn’t have the type=“chat” attribute.

XEP-0280 only works for chat messages, not for normal messages (which it is, if you lack the type=“chat” attribute).

Hi CSH, thank you for your reply.

After a while have written my question, and after read carefully the XEP-0280 specification, I also noticed the lack of type=“chat” attribute in my messages, so i did a try including it, but no luck, which means unfortunately this is not the reason . I’m going to restart the server (who knows? I had resolved other issues in this way ) and I will do another try. If doesn’t works, i’m thinking seriously to update to openfire 3.10, to see if there is a problem with my openfire version. Anyway your answer help me a lot in figuring out if I was missing something, besides the type=“chat” attribute, and acording to your answer, I am doing all right.

Thank you and if i could resolve it, I’ll share my solution.


Just for the record.

I had restarted my openfire server with no luck

The good news is that I had downloaded the version 3.10.2, try it with this version, and now carbons works perfectly .

I don’t know what was happening with my previous openfire version (by the way, the version is 3.9.2), maybe something wrong whit my configuration (I am using custom database integration with instructions provided in this link Openfire: Custom Database Integration Guide ), i hope development team could make a revision about this issue if other users are experimenting the same problem, i could share my folder with the binary files as they are in my server, if you want .

But, as I said, now with version 3.10.2 carbons is working perfectly. Thank you CSH.

Unfortunately, the XEP-0280 implementation had a bug in 3.9.2 and another in 3.9.3 IIRC. But I think it only occurred if you had more than two resources.

No it was a software bug, not with your configuration. You can find older threads in this forum about it.

Oh, ok, thank you for your help and info.