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Carriage Return

Im writing a chat client. However, when I talk to MSN through the MSN gateway it strips out “/r” from any “/r/n” and so the carriage returns are not displayed in the client that I am communicating with.

Is this a Jabber specific thing, or an issue with the MSN gateway?

Any help would be great.


Matt Branthwaite

Hrm, I don’‘t know off the top of my head! I haven’'t heard of anything needing a \r in a long time! =)

I have performed a very simple test between two Smack clients, which showed that carriage returns are stripped from messages sent between the two. The issue is probably more related to Openfire than it is to the IM Gateway plugin.


It might also be related to Spark. =) I could swear I saw something written somewhere in the XEPs or the RFC for XMPP that discussed stripping those. I might be misremembering though.

Multi-line messages work fine between two Adium clients.

Im fairly certain it isnt spark. I tried this using a client I created which uses agsXMPP to connect. Also, the carriage return looks fine on clients such as GTalk and Spark because they will go to the next line on a lone “\n” whereas MSN messenger requires “/r/n”

Hey I think I might have reversed what you were saying here. Are you saying you send a multi-line message, from your XMPP client, through the gateway, to an MSN user, who on their client sees no multi-line? How about the other way around? (MSN user/client -> gateway -> XMPP user)

The other way around works fine. Im not sure if the /r gets stripped coming from MSN through the gateway, but it isnt an issue because Jabber clients do not require the /r, only the /n to display multiple lines


should be easy to fix =)

In fact since you got it in before I’'m releasing 1.0.2 today/this week, the fix should be in 1.0.2!