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Case sensitive JIDs now with 3.4.x

Good day everyone,

I ran into something strange with my upgrade to 3.4.x and was curious if there is a reason to this madness

  1. Users create accounts via an online web form, that then uses UserService plugin to create the account (works great, thanks!). Users will often request a jabber ID in mixed case, but I convert this to lowercase before submitting to UserService plugin.

  2. Users then go configure Pidgin using this mixed case JID, while the server has all lowercase. I note on the webform that their screenname is all lowercase, but they don’t read it (silly users )

Prior to Openfire 3.4.x , Pidgin users could connect to the server.

Now with Openfire 3.4.x, the Pidgin users need to modify their account to set the screen name to all lowercase.

So the question is, did something change on Openfire’s end to cause this? I don’t seem to recall anything in the CHANGELOG about it.

Note, I don’t think this is a bug on Openfire’s side, but am curious if something did change.

Thanks for a wonderful product!


Hey Daryl,

If nothing except the server was updated/changed then it has to be the server’s fault. Are you using Openfire 3.4.3? Was it happening in Openfire 3.4.2? For the 3.4.3 we made some optimizations to users’ JID specially in the login area. So it is possible that one of those optimizations (i.e. reduction of stringprep operations) introduced that problem. Let me know if you don’t see this problem with the 3.4.2 version and it only happens with the 3.4.3 version.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

This quirk appeared with my upgrade to 3.4.1 from 3.3.something. Bah, my initial post was lame. Lets give you something to work with here!

  1. Install openfire 3.3.1

  2. Created user UPPERlower via admin interface, username is lowercased on the console afterwards.

3a) Setup pidgin with “UPPERlower” as the screen name, I can login.

3b) Setup pidgin with “upperlower” as the screen name, I can’t login.

(Hmmm, so this is different than my initial post. Maybe not using UserService plugin made a difference.)

  1. Created user “via_plugin” via the UserService plugin

5a) Setup pidgin with “via_plugin” as the screen name, I can login.

5b) Setup pidgin with “Via_Plugin” as the screen name, I can login as well, Ah ha!

So Lets install openfire 3.4.3…

1a) Setup pidgin as “Via_Plugin”, can’t log in.

1b) Setup pidgin as “via_plugin”, works!

2a) Setup pidgin as “UPPERlower”, can’t log in.

2b) Setup pidgin as “upperlower”, works!

  1. Created account “via_plugin_343” via User Service plugin

4a) Setup pidgin as “via_plugin_343”, works!

4b) Setup pidgin as “Via_Plugin_343”, can’t log in.

Strange eh? I can tell something changed on the server end, as when I upgraded to 3.4.1 , I had a couple hundred clients that couldn’t connect Invariably, they had mixed case Screen names.


Hi Gato,

Attached is the Pidgin debug console. I first attempt as ‘via_plugin’ and it logs in. I then attempt ‘Via_Plugin’ and it fails.


This time attached, I hope


Yep, I see it there.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Sorry to be a bother, but you have any further comments on this?