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Catch Errors on Account Creation

Is there any way to get specific errors that the server encountered while creating an account?

If account creation fails, I’‘d like to say more than “Error creating account”…I’'d like to say, “User name not available” or something relavent.

What are the conditions that the server will fail creating an account…is it only when a user name already exists?


The server may also not permit registration.

When the server doesn’'t allow account creation, I get a simple (406) error. I guess I was looking for a detailed description of what the failure was, but it seems that the only two possible failures are:

  1. Already existant user name

  2. Empty password


Well, check for the empty password client side. And i think you get a 407 (conflict) if a user name is already existing.


This is actually a security feature required by the spec. If the server sent back detailed information about why account creation process failed, you could use that to figure out which accounts already exist (and spam them).


Makes sense.I can do most of the form checking on the client side, and then provide the user with possible reasons why the account creation failed.