Central chat log? How do I read trancripts?

Hi, I have an issue between to employees and getting into a transcript will really shed a lot of light on the issue saving potential legal action. I have searched the forum but do not see where or what table I can get the chat session transcripts from? I know locally I can try and get into their logs but that would be pretty obvious. Any help would be appreciated.

Trancripts are only stored on the server if you are running the enterprise edition and have enabled message archiving.

The enterprise edition also offers a web UI to retrieve the transcrits.

Not entirely true - if you’‘ve enabled logging, they’'ll also be stored in XML files on the server.

Check it’'s enabled first (using the web interface), then worry about extracting them to a readable format.

You could also check the logs on peoples clients (assuming they’‘re logged and haven’'t deleted them).