Certain characters on AIM transport as HTML entities

Greetings once again developers and Jive Turkeys:

I seem to have an interesting issue whereas when AIM external contacts send messages to Spark clients, thru our Wildfire Server - certain characters are being rendered as “HTML entities” rather than their normal ASCII form.

These characters include the following:

Ampersand, shows up as & a m p ;

Less Than and Greater Than, show up as & l t ; and & g t ;

Double Quote, shows up as & q u o t ;

(If the characters on the right of each example show up as the ones on the left, it’'s because the Forum is escaping them! They should be the HTML entities like the ones shown at http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp, minus the spaces between letters.)

The environment consists of Wildfire Server Wildfire 3.1.1 for Windows 2003 Server running thru the JRE 6. Client environments on the external transport side include iChat 3.1.6 (v441) and AIM 6. External Transport Plugin version is 1.0 Beta 6b.

Please let me know where to continue digging for this potential issue.

Thanks as always!


P.S.: Jeff, I’'ll get you that testimonial I promised!

Hrm. Oddly enough I can’‘t reproduce this, even using ichat. (haven’‘t tried aim 6) You are running Wildfire 3.1.1 under JRE 6? I thought that didn’'t work under 3.2.0?

Greetings once again:

Looks like I am mistaken about what JRE I’'m running my Wildfire 3.1.1 server under, and have confirmed it is the bundled JRE which comes with the installer - not the JRE6 which I installed alone.

I did again test the issue with AIM6 and continue to receive these strange character entities. The Yahoo and MSN transports do not have this issue, so I am puzzled whether or not it would be an issue on the server side or just in the Transport Plugin.

Is there any chance you can attempt an install of AIM6 in a lab setup and confirm/deny this for me? All my clients report this behavior but that may not mean it’'s a universal bug in the code.

Thanks as always for your help!


I have a lab setup? ;D Where? hehehe

Anyway, I do have a Windows box at home that I can try it on and see if I can’‘t emulate it. I’‘m running some code that’'s -supposed- to properly handle the HTML entities. =/


Guess what ;D I can duplicate this now. In my case it’‘s happening with someone using Gaim 1.5. Still, I’‘m proud to say it’'s reproducible now so I should be able to track it down much more easily. =)

Thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one seeing these “entities”. I guess I’'ll put my crazy person medicine back in the cabinet for now!


Gack… and now I can’'t reproduce it again. =( At least on command and at home.