Certain users are losing certain Contacts

I have groups set up so when a user is logging in, they automatically see the users in their group. Every once in a while, one user will not be able to see another user and vice versa, that other person can’‘t see them. However, I can still see both of the users in my contact list. I’‘m using LDAP auth with AD. I’'m not sure how to get this fixed.

Also, we are using 2.4.1

Does it look like they never get the user in their roster or are they noticing people dropping off?



It was working before, I just had them update the client to 2.4.1 and they the person dropped off.

Also, i had the one user send a message and they received it but it was showing up as there Username instead of their Display Name.

I got the problem fixed. I have been making changes to the rosters without clearing the cache in the admin console and that seemed to fix my problems.

Clearing the cache fixed this issue.