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Certbot letsencrypt renew

How to add letsencrypt certificate auto-generated by certbot like this to open fire

  1. Letsencrypt certificates have no passwords, if it does I don’t know it since it’s auto-generated but I’m certain that it doesn’t have a password
  2. I have a cron that auto-renew it, therefore I want to auto-renew it on Openfire as well

Check out the Certificates Manager plugin. It has the hot deploy option

If I try to add it from that plugin I get

There was an error while trying to import the private key and signed certificate. Internal server error: No certificate was found in the input.

Use the form below to import a private key and certificate that was provided by a Certificate Authority. Make sure that root certificates of the CA signing the certificate are present in the truststore. Otherwise you will need to manually import them using the “keytool” command line tool. If you are seeing errors related to “Invalid key size” you might need to install “Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files”