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Certificate in port for online consultant


Sorry my english.


I have windows server 2008 r2, IIS 7.5, web application asp.net 4.0.

My web-site work in 443 port, SSL, have certificate. Pages have (have,have, have…=) )online-consultant, interacts with openfire, before i use consultant in 7070 port (no ssl,http) and consultant work correctly, but Mozilla Firefox blocked mix content, is the feature Firefox.

It was desided use protected port (in openfire default: 7443), i used 7070 port (in openfire i change http binding SSL port to 7070),

in code change: Candy.init(‘https://’ + GetOpenFireHost() + ‘:7070/http-bind/’

Next step I import certificate from domain to openfire, but in site online-consultant not work.

He work a need to go adress in browser: https://mysite.kz:7070/http-bind/ and update page, show menu will add a certificate, i add.

After this actions go to https://mysite.kz:443 and online-consultant worked!

What the problem?