Certificate Manager - A certificate for the domain of this server is missing. False error message

Hi. I noticed that after the certificate is installed using Hotdeploy option and everything is working fine, in Openfire Identity Certificate Store I still get this message:

"A certificate for the domain of this server is missing. Click [here] to generate a self-signed certificate or [here] to import a signed certificate and its private key.

This page lists certificates that are used to identify this Openfire instance.

Certificates are used (through TLS and SSL protocols) to establish secure connections between servers and clients. When a secured connection is being created, parties can retrieve a certificate from the other party and (amongst others) examine the issuer of those certificates. If the issuer is trusted, a secured layer of communication can be established.

Openfire can generate certificates that are self-signed . The issuer of those certificates is the Openfire instance itself. Although remote parties can choose to trust servers that provide a self-signed certificate, this is rare, and, from a security perspective, questionable.

The certificates that are used to identify this Openfire instance should be signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) that is commonly trusted by clients and other servers. This page allows you to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), which you can use to obtain a signed certificate from such a Certificate Authority. After you obtain a reply from the CA to the CSR, that reply can be inserted in this page to install a CA signed certificate.

Alternatively, a certificate might already be made available though other means. In the this case the signed certificate and corresponding private key can be [imported here]."

Is this a bug of plugin? Or should I add self signed certificate too?