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Certificate Manager Let's Encrypt Certificates


I am new to openfire, so please be patient with me.

The Installation of Openfire was pretty straight forward but i am struggling now with installing certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

I installed certbot a created a standalone certificate which is stored in /etc/letsencrypt/live/xmpp.tld/
After that i tried to change the path in the settings of SSL/Management. But i am only ending with the error

That directory cannot be used: it does not exist. 

I appreciate every help!

i got it work. i just needed to remove the default certificate located in the certificate store and copy the files into /usr/share/openfire/resources/security/hotdeploy/

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For future reference: this requires that the certificatemanager plugin is installed.

Hi am new in openfire as well SSL can you explain the steps of generating SSL certificate in letsencrypt.


Did you made a request from LetsEncrypt already and imported it into the certification store?

I am beginner. I know only how to install certbot for letsencrypt can you tell me steps from beginning.

This sounds good so far. What does sudo certbot renew --dry-run return?