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Certificate problems...client doesn't see change in certificate

I am settiing up a proof of concept OpenFire 3.45 server running on Ubuntu Gutsy. Before we integreate with our LDAP & Shibboleth infrastructure I need to find a configuration that if the server certificate changes the client will notify the user of the change in certificate.

When I used Spark or Pidgin I connect fine but when I change the cert it still connects and there is no indication of a change in cert. When I use https to connect to the management interface I do see a warning about the change in cert. I tried using PSI and as soon as I turn on SSL PSI breaks.

Finally I tried using SparkWeb and I get a 404 error:




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I am new to OpenFire and previously have only used Jabber/Pidgin as a user. Any suggestions and troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. This is not in production so I have no problem running 3.5rc1 if that would make any difference.



Hi PaulK,

Your question is probably better answered on the client forums for Spark or Pidgin. Speaking for Pidgin, it doesn’t have much for SSL cert management. i thought there was a SOC project for it at some point, but not sure what happened with that.


The client should not care if the SSL cert changes. It could be that psi does not use the current SSL method you may have to change a setting in the application to use old SSL. As for sparkweb you need to be running the enterprise version of openfire to use sparkweb.