Change add contact menu to open person search

I am in the process of rolling out Spark 2.6.3. I have been getting allot of users asking why the add contact menu option is not working.

I’m not to surprised as no one is reading the manual I wrote that states to use the Search bar.

I would like an option to change the function of the add contact menu behavior to open person search in the file or disable it from the drop down menu, so others that have this issue don’t have to compile it from source just to remove the add contact menu option.

Could this be added in the next release?

How would I go about making this change in the SVN to make it open person search?

Thank you

I created a patch for Spark 2.6.3 to disable add contacts from the contacts menu.

I will look into making it open the person search instead., in the mean time this should do.