Change admin console address

I’m doing a new installation of Openfire 3.6.0a. The Admin console is listening at Unfortunately that is also the address of the admin console for our networked copier and when I try to launch the Openfire console the copier console launches instead. How do I go about changing the address of the openfire admin console?


after you login you have the fields with every ports at the buttom of the first site. And there is a button to change this settings…

I do not see how that is possible unless you installed openfire onto your network copier. That address is the local loopback of the network card or localhost. Additionally if the computer you are running openfire on already has a service running at port 9090 openfire will not start. You will need to edit the openfire.xml file found in the conf folder of the Openfire install.

  1. Stop openfire
  2. edit openfire.xml setup tag to read false
  3. Start openfire
  4. Goto admin site
  5. Change the consol ports on the second screen to available ports

Wow. It’s a magic! We have Openfire running on a copier Well, seriously, we need a better explanation about your setup. Cause now it’s hard to understand how can this happen. Are you trying to connect to the Admin Console from the same PC where you have installed Openfire or from a different machine? Maybe from a machine where you have installed copier software to? 127.0.01 address should be only launched from the local machine, it leads back to the machine you are launching this address on. So, if a PC where you have installed Openfire, have its own public IP (say and you want to connect to it from a different PC, you should try then.

No need to get snide about it, the two attached pictures show what happens. It turns out that the Konica/Minolta service is already monitoring that port and any attempt to get to the openfire admin console takes me to the konica/minolta admin. If I stop the konica service then openfire will run, but the konica will not start. The konica has to use that port, any suggestions on what the openfire should be changed to?


Read my initial response. I already ansered how to fix this.

Net Care. A bit offtopic, what is the purpose of that utility? We use Minolta network copiers, but internal copier’s software is enough for us. So we just log to a copier by its IP address. If you still want to use that utility and you can’t change its port mapping, then you can try changing Openfire port. You have to stop Minolta service, login to Openfire Admin Console and scroll down on the main page. Click edit properties and change the 9090 port. Also, you can still try to login using SSL port

The netcare utility allows me to take care of all of our networked printers from one place without having to remember the addresses of each one. It was never a problem before this.

After the konica was stopped I was able to start and configure openfire and then change the admin port to 9092. Both consoles work fine now.


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