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Change Database

I want to change the database settings. I set up using the built in HSQL but now want to put it in sql server. Is it OK for me just change the XML file? Will that mess anything up like history?


You’‘ll lose any data in the existing database, so you’‘ll need to re-create users. Assuming that’'s not a big deal:

  1. Stop the server.

  2. Edit conf/jive-messenger.xml and set true to false

  3. Start the server and enter the admin console; you should be taken to the setup tool.

  4. This time around, choose the external database option instead of embedded db and enter the relevant info.



Hi malcontent,

If losing your users is a big deal let me know, I might be able to help you out.



The users are in LDAP so no big deal. I lost a couple of groups but I am testing phase now so again no big deal.