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Change Database?

Hey All -

I’'ve scoured the forums and not found how to do this. SORRY!

How do I change what database Wildfire points to? The admin console is locked down tight and I can’'t change the connection settings.

Thanks for your help!


Hey Tim,

You will need to rerun the setup process. Follow these steps:

  1. Stop the server

  2. Edit the conf/wildfire.xml file and set setup to false

  3. Restart the server

  4. Log into the admin console


– Gato


This nugget of wisdom would be GREAT to add to the documentation. I just went through the same hair-pulling experience.

“4. Start the Wildfire setup tool, and use the appropriate JDBC connection settings.”

Umm… Okay, did that. I can see the DB settings, but I can’'t CHANGE THEM!!!

Also it’'d be great to add how to manually edit the wildfire.xml.

  • Jasen.