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Change default display name

Is it possible when WildFire is configured for LDAP/ Active Directory to have Wild Fire use either the first & last name fields or displayname field in Active Directory instead of the default which is displaying the users logon ID (sAMAccountName) in the Spark client?

In our organization users are given a logon such as g345532. This makes it hard to determine who you are talking to unless that user edits their spark profile. Since we all know how end users are, we cannot rely on them to update their profiles. Is there somewhere that can be modified or a feature added to the 3.10 beta 2 release so that first & last name fields are used (or displayname) instead of the logon name?

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide.


I don’'t use LDAP so I may be wrong.

It should help to pull the vCard out of LDAP and the clients should then use “firstname lastname” as display name.






This will show the display name in the users rosters and in the admin console.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction it2000. I guess I would have found that out if I had contnued my reading on the LDAP guide

It works beautifully except that I cannot publish the email address field. Here is my config for the vcard:

<vcard-mapping> <![CDATA[<vCard xmlns=’‘vcard-temp’’>

<FN attrs=“displayName”></FN>
<FAMILY attrs=“sn”></FAMILY>

<GIVEN attrs=“givenName”></GIVEN>
<NICKNAME attrs=“sAMAccountName”></NICKNAME>

<TEL><VOICE/><HOME/><NUMBER attrs=“homePhone”></NUMBER></TEL>
<ADR><WORK/><STREET attrs=“streetAddress”></STREET></ADR>

<ADR><WORK/><POBOX attrs=“postOfficeBox”></POBOX></ADR>

<ADR><WORK/><REGION attrs=“st”></REGION></ADR>
<ADR><WORK/><PCODE attrs=“postalCode”></PCODE></ADR>

<ADR><WORK/><CTRY attrs=“co”></CTRY></ADR>
<TEL><VOICE/><WORK/><NUMBER attrs=“telephoneNumber”></NUMBER></TEL>

<TEL><FAX/><WORK/><NUMBER attrs=“facsimileTelephoneNumber”></NUMBER></TEL>
<TEL><CELL/><WORK/><NUMBER attrs=“mobile”></NUMBER></TEL>

<TITLE attrs=“title”></TITLE>

<ROLE attrs=“Rank”></ROLE>
<ORGNAME attrs=“company”></ORGNAME>

<ORGUNIT attrs=“department”></ORGUNIT>
<URL attrs=“wWWHomePage”></URL>

<DESC attrs=“description”></DESC>

</vCard>]]> </vcard-mapping>

The email field in the profile is empty, does anyone have any idea why this might be? (this is reading from Active Directory and the attribute is ‘‘mail’’)

gtj: Thank you for the suggestion, in my config I have the mappings setup as you have shown. The actual problem was with the display name once authenticated with the spark client, it would show the logon name instead of something identifiable like the displayname or Firstname + Lastname. Thanks again for the input.


my Spark 1.1.4 version does store in Wildfires JIVEVCARD table:

to get it in the vCard.

But as I don’‘t have LDAP I really don’'t know if this helps.


Hey it2000, anyone ever tell you that you’'re a godsend?

You were absolutely right. Prior to posting I tried the <PREF/> but didn’'t work, however adding <HOME/> with <PREF/> to the equation as you suggested worked like a charm.

Is there somewhere else that I can read on the elments used for the vCard? The <HOME/> element wasn’‘t documented in http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0054.html ? I’'m curious how you knew about this nice bit of information?

Thanks again, you’'ve been a big help!


you may use Sparks xmpp debugger and open a vcard or use sql and select one JIVEVCARD row. Gato or Matt will fix the javadoc and the html doc, you can track the progress here: JM-853


I am having this exact issue. If you are still around please state specifically how it was resolved. Thanks.