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Change default FileTransfer Proxy Port to 1080?


just saw this in XEP-0065:

The “port” attribute specifies the port to connect to. This attribute MAY be present. The value MUST be a valid port number in decimal form. If not specified, the port value is “1080” (in accordance with RFC 1928).

Therefore I wonder if Openfire’s File Proxy port of 7777 should be changed to 1080?

I assume it’s to because 1080 is a privileged port that can only be bound by processes with superuser privileges (root) under Unix/Linux. One could drop the priviliges after binding the port, but I assume the developers decided it was easier to simply use 7777 as file-transfer port.

I am no Unix expert, but afaik, only ports below 1024 are privileged.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/413807/is-there-a-way-for-non-root-processes- to-bind-to-privileged-ports-1024-on-l

Correct, I read 1008 instead of 1080.