Change Focus user [OPENFIRE +OFMEET PLUG]


I would like to know if it’s possible to change this authenticate user to other

Anyone knows something about it ??

Regards ^^

see the settings admin web oage

I know that there is a security option of the plugin that says Focus JID

If i change this user for another of LDAP it appears permanently that user focus not found and i can’t call

Are u refering to other web page?

Thanks in advance

Assuming you entered correct password, you must make the user a member of the chat rooms administrators

Hi Dele,

I follow this steps but it doesn’t seem to work

Meetings -> Meetings Settings -> Security -> Focus JID (I put another user, and the password)

Then now i go to Conference -> Conference Settings -> Conference -> Administrators (Here I add the same user as Focus JID)

I added too the same user to administrate the rooms

I’m doing anything wrong?

BTW: Which video codec uses actually ofmeet? VP8 ?

Thanks in advance!