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Change IM client executable file name from "Spark.exe" to "other name", to build an SPARK IM .msi package

Good night.
I would like to ask your colleagues and SPARK IM support about a question that came up when compiling “SPARK IM CODE” to get a customized .msi SPARK IM client package.

How can I change the name of the SPARK IM client executable file in the package .xml file? I made the change of the executable file name to the following: “% PROGRAMFILES% \ Spark \ Paulista Messenger.exe”. However, when I generated the .msi package, the program was not installed correctly (it created the files called "Paulista Messenger .exe, but did not install the program correctly).

I would just like the executable files of the Spark IM client to have these names (Paulista Messenger.exe and Paulista Messenger uninstall.exe) and to change the name of the shortcuts too (I am changing the names manually because I will use the .msi file for installation of Spark IM through .bat script in a Windows Server GPO).

If any of the colleagues can answer this question, I thank you.