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Change IP of Opensire Spark Server



We have a Openfire server we have been using for over 10 years and had no real issues. We are currently migrating to a new Network Infra but want to keep same server. My question is can we just go ahead and change the IP/Subnet/DNS on the server or are there changes I need to make in Openfire console.

The version of openfire is 3.9.3 and spark version is 2.7.5 Build 752

Any help much appreciated



Usually you don’t have to do anything, if you have a proper DNS setup. One can specify a particular network interface in /openfire/conf/openfire.xml if they have a few network interfaces and want Openfire to use specific one. But if there is only one, then no need for that.


Thanks. We have 4 interfaces but only using one. I am wondering if we configure the 2nd interface with new IP and just unplug the cable and place it in 2nd interface will it come up.
Time will tell as we are going to test tonight. If we want to use 2nd interface do we have to edit that xml file?

I was wondering also does any changes need made in Openfire Admin also



I think Openfire should use the one available interface and no changes are needed. No changes needed in Admin Console either.