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Change IP of Opensire Spark Server


We have a Openfire server we have been using for over 10 years and had no real issues. We are currently migrating to a new Network Infra but want to keep same server. My question is can we just go ahead and change the IP/Subnet/DNS on the server or are there changes I need to make in Openfire console.

The version of openfire is 3.9.3 and spark version is 2.7.5 Build 752

Any help much appreciated


Usually you don’t have to do anything, if you have a proper DNS setup. One can specify a particular network interface in /openfire/conf/openfire.xml if they have a few network interfaces and want Openfire to use specific one. But if there is only one, then no need for that.

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Thanks. We have 4 interfaces but only using one. I am wondering if we configure the 2nd interface with new IP and just unplug the cable and place it in 2nd interface will it come up.
Time will tell as we are going to test tonight. If we want to use 2nd interface do we have to edit that xml file?

I was wondering also does any changes need made in Openfire Admin also


I think Openfire should use the one available interface and no changes are needed. No changes needed in Admin Console either.


So we eventually changed the IP last night and was fine for about 10 mins we reconnected on new IP but then suddenly it kept disconnecting from spark. We restarted the server and was stable for about 15 mins. I have woke this morning to an email to say that it started happening again overnight. Our network team say they can see the service 5222 resetting intermittently. I cannot see sevice restarting on actual sever though. Any ideas greatly appreciated as to what is causing this.

I suppose you have moved the server to a newer OS, maybe it acts differently than the previous. This can even be unrelated to Openfire. Maybe your system switches network interfaces or something. Check Openfire logs at /openfire/logs/all.log for any relevant entries, especially at the moment of disconnects. You can also try to add your active network interface to openfire.xml (uncomment that section) to eliminate the possibility of a multiple interfaces interfering with Openfire.

Openfire, when configured properly, is working purely based on DNS records. This is a two step process:

  • To identify that DNS name of the servers that are running Openfire (you can have more than one, when running in a cluster), a DNS SRV lookup is done for the XMPP domain name. This results in DNS names for the server(s).
  • For an individual server name, a DNS A (or AAAA) lookup is done, to find the IP address for that server.

(note that often, when not running in a cluster, the XMPP domain name will equal the DNS name of the server, which makes the DNS SRV lookup unneeded.

From what you’re describing, I’m guessing that you updated the DNS A records for your server, to point to the new IP address. If the network team sees that the “service is resetting”, but you can’t see that behavior on the server, then I’m wondering if the DNS changes have propagated successfully to all tools of the network team. I would not be surprised if some of the tools/checks check for the service on the old IP address, while others check on the new address. The reported result would be a “now it work, now it doesn’t” kind of deal.