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Change pubsub#publish_mode


I’m trying to change the pubsub#publish_model setting for an existing PubSub node on an OpenFire XMPP server, but it doesn’t accept it…

If I send:

<iq type="set" to="pubsub.example.com" id="bdc7fccb-4d67-4431-a377-f45215ad028e-5"><pubsub xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#owner"><configure node="logs"><x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit"><field var="pubsub#title"><value>abc</value></field><field var="pubsub#publisher"><value>subscribers</value></field></x></configure></pubsub></iq>

I receive from the server:

<iq type="result" id="bdc7fccb-4d67-4431-a377-f45215ad028e-5" from="pubsub.example.com" to="test@example.com" />

Which looks fine. But if I request the config back from the server:

<iq type="get" to="pubsub.example.com" id="bdc7fccb-4d67-4431-a377-f45215ad028e-6"><pubsub xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#owner"><configure node="logs" /></pubsub></iq>

I see a changed title:

<field var="pubsub#title" type="text-single" label="Short name for the node"><value>abc</value></field>

But not a changed publish_model:

<field var="pubsub#publish_model" type="list-single" label="Publisher model"><option><value>publishers</value></option><option><value>subscribers</value></option><option><value>open</value></option><value>publishers</value></field>

Any ideas? Thanks!

Which version of Openfire please? If not 4.2.0, can you please try reproducing this issue on 4.2.0?

Sorry. It was 4.1.6, but I’ve just upgraded to 4.2.0.
And damn, there was an error in the example above. I’m setting pubsub#publisher instead of pubsub#publish_model. After correcting that it’s working now. But in the bigger system, from where I extracted the example, I didn’t make that mistake. So I cannot really tell now what the reason was, the server or a mistake by me…
Anyway, thanks a lot!