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Change SBS to case insensitive usernames


With the upcoming migration to new servers and SBS 4.5, we are going to change usernames to be case insensitive to match the default setting with SBS 4.5 . My impression is that this default setting is to better support LDAP and perhaps some other use cases. Anyway, there are roughly 150 usernames that only different in case. This will require some manual intervention. What is currently proposed is that:

  1. We delete any of those duplicate usernames that never logged in to SBS (this removes about 45 of those accounts).
  2. We change the username for accounts which had the oldest activity to ${USERNAME}_fixme. I’ll follow up via email with these accounts offering to help migrate them to new account names.

I suspect that most of these accounts are bots anyway, but will be careful regardless. If there are any objections, please voice them now!


Have never seen Wroot or wrOOt here You say the older activity should “lose”? Maybe registration date should be considered first, if there is a decent amount of activity on that username. Someone may be not very active for a long time, but this is not very nice to take his username from him just because of that.


I agree. I plan to manually handle each situation that arises and judge appropriately. We just needed a bandaid to get past that immediate step in the migration process.



I’d also like to delete accounts which do no longer participate:

Sending a mail to those 45 accounts and to accounts without content should be fine. They can register again if needed.

Another mail to the other accounts that we rename the accounts to “_fixme” and probably a thread where they should reply if they want another name.


PS: wRoOt may delete his mixed-case accounts, this would help us.