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Change the domain of an openfire install (not the server)

Hi there,

i am running openfire under a specific domain on a vps (virtual private server). several domains have the same ip pool but only one domain is choosen to be the one to work with openfire. e.g. example.com.

Now, is it possible to change the domain to e.g. rample.com without setting up openfire again. Can this be done without data loses? What steps do i have to watch out for?

Thanks in advance!


if you want to change the xmpp.domain within the server settings you can do this.

It will affect only this field within the database and cause a lot of trouble as the rosters store "user@example.com" and these values will not be changed. MUC rooms and history depend as far as I know also on the domain. So getting a text dump of the database and changing all “example.com” entries to the new value and importing the data again should be the much better approach.


Yes, i want to change the xmpp.domain so that users will be able to log in with the new domainname.

Iam using the embedded-db - how to get a text dump of this? Replacing all example.com to rample.com will fix all issues?



with the embedded db you have already a text file, you may edit it while openfire is not running. If you change there (openfire.script and openfire.log if it exists) all occurrences of the domain name you should be fine.

If you allow s2s connections the remote servers will of course not be able to update your domain name change within the roster, so there the users will have some trouble in finding their contacts. So the right way would be to send unsubscribe request with the old xmpp.domain and new subscriptions requests with the new xmpp.domain but this will be a very hard job.


All worked out just fine

Hi EveryOne,

I am new to xmpp, I want to know that how to install openfire on domain like myserver.com etc…

I have run it successfully on localhost but how to install openfire on domain…thanks in advance.