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Change the Spark picture

Hello, i’m a new member of this forun,

and i’ve a question that (i think) is very easy…!

How can i change the picture of the spark…and the icon to another picture…

The only solutions is recompile the client ??

All the graphics that spark uses are contained within the spark.jar file in the lib folder of the spark program folder. This file can be opened with program such as 7zip which is a free compression program (jar files are basically the same as zip files). You can replace the graphic with out recompiling with this method.

Todd, i appreciate yout tip.

Other day i saw this file and tried to change some pictures, but wont works for me. I tried to restart spark, uninstall/reinstall (using modified jar) and nothing happened.

Is there other thing to do to get this changes in my spark client?

Thanks in advance !!

What software are you using to view the contents of the spark.jar? Are the new graphics the same type, dimensions, and relative size as the ones you are replacing?

Im using winrar to view/exctract the jar file.

I tried to change Spark.png with other picture with same dimensions (not same size, because are different pictures, but keeping same dimension).

My Spark client keeps the oldest image. I tried unistall Spark and reinstall and before my first use i changed the jar file, nothing happened.

Do you have success changing any image? Can you share the image that you changed and worked for you?

Thanks !!!

I use 7zip and use the option to open the archive. I do not decompress the archive. I just over write the files in the archive. See the attached graphic for an example of what I changed.

I use winrar to open jar file, not extract (my fault). And overwrite files to changed ones.

What image do you changed to get this image background, its not the Spark.png file?

If i ask you to share that image who changed the backgroung of your spark login, will be you angry with me? (sorry about my poor english)

Thanks a lot !!! im almost there !!!

It is the spark.png file that needs to be changed. I have attached min below.

Todd, i had make same changes like you last week and tried all things (for days) to make it works.

Now, (for my panic), when i changed my png in jar file using your image, MY image (i dont know how) appears, not your image, but mine (the one i customized)!!!

If i click on spark.png inside my spark.jar file (Spark\lib folder), i see your image, but when i get the spark login screen, its showing my image. Is there a cache or something like that who i cant see or find?

Im getting crazy here…

I really want to thanks you, now i can see that is possible to change images, only need to know whats happening on my files.

I am not aware of any cache files. I too had difficulty getting the spark.png to change initially. What I did to overcome this was to rename the original, run spark, exit, add new image, reboot. Then it shows for me. I have not had this issue with other graphic files, and i replaced a few (gateway icons, and authentication background).

And how can be re-packed into .exe to distribute to all my users?


Todd, i tried all steps that you told, but none works here.

But i solved my problem copying the Spark folder to other stations, so my customized pictures are displayed nicelly.

Let me thanks again for your help, now im trying to change other pictures inside the jar file, then ill create a msi package to deploy this to all other workstations here. I think that is not the best solution, but works and i´ll make some points with my boss!!

I think you can´t repack in a exe file, but you can create a msi package to distribute changes. Im working on that idea here, but don´t have more informations to give, sorry.

I use a product called EMCO MSI Package Builder. I does a nice job of building MSI files.

Im also using EMCO, very nice tool, but im learning how to make a complete MSI install of Spark with customized images, its there possible Todd?

Other thing, i discovered my problems to see changed images (also spark.png): NOT MAKE a backup of jar files inside same folder (btw, spark\lib). Spark will load all jar files, including “copy of spark.jar” and other jar files inside folder. That was my problem, very easy to solve, but very hard to discover.

Now im making all needed changes and next step is to make a full installation in MSI format.

Any tips are appreciated.

Thx again !!!

With EMCO start by recording a standard install. Make any changes you would like (copy settings to Default User, add icons to desktop for All Users, etc). Now navigat to the EMCO folder for that build (i.e: C:\Program Files\EMCO\MSI Package Builder Enterprise\root\Spark257) and edit the jar files there. Then build away. Now you have a custom MSI install.

Hi Gean,

as far as I know Spark loads the jar files in alphabetical order, so it’s very simple to change the images … I think I did post this some month ago in the Spark forum. Just create a file a.jar which contains the same folder structure as spark.jar which contains all images you want to replace.


Hey LG, i discovered that in a hard way, haha, but i was wondering that the last file will make all settings, not the first. In my mind, z.jar will set properties, not a.jar (every day i get new knowledgements*).

Thanks for your explanation.

  • again, sorry about my stupid english, i really need to have some lessons.