Change what the default settings are

I would like to make some settings the default settings upon installing my customized version of spark so that users don’t have to manually check things off to have things like the Toaster Alert thingy be default/active. What file controls the default settings of spark in it’s uncompiled form?

Some settings can be set via Though i think your example cant be set via this file. If you have some control on user’s environment (group policy, startup scripts, etc.) then you can create Spark profile folder before installing and putting your preconfigured file in there, so user will only have to input login information and all settings will be already there.

server and usersettings can be done in

everything else must be done in java files

for Toaster enabled you will need to go to line #583


public boolean getShowToasterPopup() {

** return getBoolean(“toasterPopup”, false);**

** }**


public boolean getShowToasterPopup() {

** return getBoolean(“toasterPopup”, true);**

** }**

Thank you guys for the help! I will let you know if this works or not!