Changed User login Name on AD

Hi There,

I have come across with an issues when a user’s AD logon name was changed from John.xx to xx.John it seems like the user lost all contacts and group from Spark after login. Current setting is LDAP integration and this pulls from on Prem AD.

Is there a solution to get to get this sorted as also I can see the session is showing in the OpenFire Admin Console but when I try and search for the user I can’t seem to find it.



I am no expert, but if you change the user name it will be like a completely new user from the Openfire perspective(i think). breaking up all the roster contacts and so on. you might maybe want to revert the user name to its previous name, to see if it fix it. i am no expert in LDAP whatsoever so if i said something wrong here just ignore it.

@zoidberg is quite correct. Openfire will simply see this as a new user.

There is a plugin (“justmarried”) that could be useful when renaming users. I’ve not used it in ages, so I do not know if it is still functional. I also do not know if it works in combination with a ‘read-only’ user store, such as AD/LDAP. You could give it a try though. The plugin’s download page is at Ignite Realtime: Openfire justmarried Plugin Archive

perhaps as a future enhancement to this would be somehow integrate the use of UID/SID.

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