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Changing Host Script Needed

Good Day All,

I have finished setting up my company’s new Openfire server. All seems to be working great, but we’ll know more once all users are on it. Anyways. I am at the point where I will need to convert all users at the same time. We have about 350 users currently on Spark to convert to the new server and hopefully in one shot. I have not began working on a script, but that is the direction I was going to head. I thought I’d check and see if anyone has a script I can modify which will change the host address, without killing the password or username in the properties file. Or, if there is another possible way to do this, I am all ears.The accounts are all setup with the individuals username, but one same password. As you can guess, I am not using LDAP services.


As i look at a few logins saved in my spark.properties file i can see a pattern. Last encrypted part is repeated in all logins, so it must be the domain part. First part is username and password. Not sure if they are compiled together. If not, then password part will also repeat in your case. So, i would try to login with a few users and then take a look at that file and figure out what parts of encrypted string stand for what. The line begins with a word ‘password’. Then you would have to edit this line for every user. Although, why not keeping the same name? Would be easier not having to edit Spark configs.

Sorry this is a late reply, but thank you for the idea. In fact, I will just make a change in DNS to point the users to the server.

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