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Changing ldap host

Our Server Admin staff is replacing Win2003 DC’s with Win2008 DC’s so I am having to point to a new ldap host in my Openfire. I have a test openfire server and so far, everytime I change the ldap host (on the Server Manager tab, in System Settings), it locks me out of the admin console. I believe it’s even fouled up the users. The only (related) fix I found was to set the “setup” flag in openfire.xml to false, stop/restart openfire, and go back through the setup. Am I doing something wrong? I noticed this entry is also on the Server Settings tab in Profile Settings. Do I have to change both places?

At my company we use OpenFire with a SQL DB and AD. To change the LDAP server go to the SQL DB and open the table dbo.ofProperty. In there change the LDAP server. Restart OpenFire services and you should be good to go.